5 Pre-donation tips for donating plasma

There are different essential tips which you should know before donating plasma. Donating plasma and donation of blood are two different processes. In plasma donation, plasma is separated from the blood and again blood is returned to the body and in blood donation, blood is taken out of the body and donated to different patients who need blood for their treatments.


Different facts about plasma

It is important to know donating plasma facts before donating plasma. Some of the plasma donation facts major facts are:

  • This particular process of donating plasma is known as plasmapheresis.
  • You are eligible to donate plasma two times in a week with two days gap in between and under the supervision of a medical doctor.
  • Plasma regenerated in a healthy body within one or two days.
  • Plasma is used in the treatment of many serious health problems such as haemophilia, shock, trauma, immunity related diseases, heart-attacks and many more.

5 important things needed to do before plasma donation

  • You need to eat a good meal before you donate plasma. Eating a heavy meal such as pasta, sandwiches will really helful in boosting up your energy level and keep you fit after the plasma donation process. By taking healthy diet, you will be protected from the symptoms such as vomiting, weakness which usually seen in those patients who do not take proper diet.

1-4 steps- plasma-donation process

  • Unhealthy food is not recommended to eat such as pizza, fried chicken, and pop. Pop is bad for health as it contain caffeine. Caffeine will dehydrate you.
  • You need to take a good sleep at least for six to eight hours before donating plasma. It will help you to remain fit and fine.
  • You need to feel comfortable and relaxed before donating plasma. Before you visit nearby donation centre for donating plasma make sure to book an appointment before otherwise you will have to wait for long hours.
  • It is essential to remain hydrated. For this, drink lots and lots of water and juice which will help you to remain hydrate even after donating plasma.


Factors which will prevent you from donating plasma

  • If you are having a temperature, pulse or protein level which is not in the accepted range, blood pressure then you are not eligible to donate plasma.
  • Weight less than 110 lbs candidate is also not eligible to donate plasma.
  • There is a specific age limit; donor can donate with age limit will in between 18 to 59.
  • Having AIDS or any other serious health problem which contaminates plasma cells is also a serious issue and that parson suffering from these major problems is also not allowed to donate plasma.


Plasma donation process

15-3 Payment for plasma donation

  • First of all you need to take an appointment by calling on the phone number of that particular donation centre.
  • After that, you will be asked few questions by the medical doctor who will ensure your physical health.
  • After that few tests will be performed on you and after checking your reports you will be allowed to donate plasma.
  • You need to wait unless and until your reports will not come. After the clearance of your report you can donate plasma.
  • Medical doctor will insert a needle in your vein and collect plasma from your body in plasmapheresis equipment.
  • After the completion of plasma donation process, blood is again returned in to your body after separation of plasma and mixing of saline in to your blood. Saline is mixed in to the blood so that blood can easily move in to your body without creating clots.
  • After the completion of donation process, you will be paid for the donation. After the first donation of a donor, they will be provided with a VIP pass which will help them to be placed in a VIP line for the second donation. By making use of VIP pass you don’t need to wait in a lie for donating plasma, you can directly donate without wasting your time.


Payment for plasma donation

3-4donating plasma for cash

Before anyone make a decision to donate plasma they need to know is donating plasma worth it or not. They must know how much amount they will be paid after donation.

Payment for plasma donation is offered to the donate according to their weight:

  • Donor with 110-149 lbs is offered by 10 dollars for every donation.
  • Donor with 150-174 lbs is provided with 15 dollar for the first donation and 30 dollar for the second donation.
  • Donor with 175lbs is offered by 20 dollar for the first tome and 35 dollar for the second donation.

Donating plasma is a best way to make money as you can donate twice a week but with two days gap in between. You can easily make money by donating plasma if you are fit and healthy.