7 Reasons you should think of donating plasma

People who don’t donate plasma keep asking plasma donors why they donate plasma even when it affects their health. They think there are so many better things to do in life then spend your time donating plasma.

Here are some of the reasons why donating plasma is a good idea:

1.) Save lives of people

Blood plasma is used for developing therapies to treat patients with serious illness. It provides them with immunity against infection and clotting of blood. Diseases such as hepatitis B, Tetanus, immune system deficiency and Hemophilia can be treated by transfusion of plasma in blood. Plasma donation is used for treatment of the trauma, shock and burns. There are two proteins in plasma which saved lives of large number of World War II soldiers who were wounded while fighting. It is still being used to treat the wounded soldiers and people fighting in Iraq.

2.) Earn money as well!

Donors are being compensated for their time and efforts during each plasma donation. At present the Biolife Plasma Services pay you $20 for initial donation and then $30 for the second donation in the same calendar week. Usually, there is a monthly special with which you will get additional $10 on your 5th visit and $20 on your 7th visit for plasma donation. You will be given a debit card in which this money will be present. Any exclusive details for using the debit card will be provided to you by the Biolife plasma services when you will be given the card.

Plasma is priceless and therefore the money you get is not for it but for the time that is involved during the collection process. From the Plasma donation centres the plasma donation companies send the plasma to the pharmaceutical companies where it is used for manufacturing for life saving medical therapies. The blood donation centres are mostly non-profit organisations and therefore the collection of blood and plasma is truly a donation by you.


3.) Increase your Savings Account balance by $3,120 every Year

If you donate twice a week then you will earn 60 dollars every week and if you follow this pattern for the whole year then there will be 52 weeks and thus you will be able to earn $ 3,120 every year.  Isn’t this easy way to earn money, all you need to do is spare 4 hours every week.

4.) Chances of getting infection are zero

BioLife Plasma Services follows strict guidelines ensuring quality and safety. Throughout the donation process, the equipment used for taking the blood is used once for each donor and then it is disposed off.

Within the donating process, equipment that comes in contact with blood is only used once for each donor. Blood or blood products will not come in contact with the equipments being used universally.

5.) Do something worthwhile during your Boring down Time

It’s a great way to do something interesting that too for a good cause. This is what plasma donation is about, you will donate blood, it will go into a machine and they will separate the plasma from the blood. The blood will be given back into your body while the plasma is stored. For the first time, the whole process may take around two and a half hour but once you become the donor it will take around half an hour.

Here are few tips which you can follow next time when you go for plasma donation: – you can bring a book with you if you like reading and if you don’t then you should bring your mp3 player and enjoy music. Keeping yourself busy while doing something is a good idea as it will seem longer while waiting.

6.) You will get a free whole body check up With Each Donation

Every year a physical examination of donor is done in the donation centre.  Whenever the donor will visit the donation centre, statistics are checked and blood test is done to check the iron and protein levels before starting with the process of blood donation.

Biolife Plasma Services have their own online page with information related to eligibility of Donor including disorders or medications that will lead you to being deferred from the plasma donation centre.


7.) Interaction with fellow donors

Yes, of course making money is the best part but you can also save lives with it. You will also make a lot of friends when you will go for plasma donation on a constant basis. You will meet a lot of different people donating plasma for different reasons.

Any healthy adult between the age of 18 to 64, can donate blood if he or she has no tattoos or STD’s. Pregnant women are also not allowed to donate plasma.