All a pregnant woman needs to know about plasma donation

Plasma donation procedure should only be carried out when a donor is healthy and it is recommended by a doctor to a pregnant woman to not donate plasma. This particular procedure is quite stressful and will also reduce your system’s fluids.

 pregnant woman needs to know about Plasma DonationPregnant women should not donate plasma while pregnancy and even after 6 months of delivery. For the growth of the baby in mother’s womb, baby needs body plasma, platelets, and body’s blood for remaining healthy. Licensed available plasma donation centers will not allow a lady to donate plasma who is pregnant as it will risky for her life.


Can a woman conceive while donating plasma?

There are different questions in women mind before plasma donation such as can you donate plasma while pregnant or can pregnant women donate blood.

Yes, a woman can easily conceive while donating plasma in a plasma donation center. They should take good diet and remain hydrated for remaining fit and health which will help them to remain healthy while conceiving. Plasma donation will not at all affect your chance of getting pregnant.


Why a pregnant woman cannot donate plasma?

pregnant woman needs to know about Plasma DonationDonating plasma while pregnancy, is not at all safe as, body needs nutrition for the growth of a baby. As by donating plasma there is decrease in chance of nutrition and plasma fluids in your blood. Plasma donation while pregnant is a bad idea, because your body (and your baby!) needs all of the plasma fluid they can get. Donating plasma lowers the amount of plasma fluids, and nutrition in your blood.

It has been noted that while pregnancy, fluid part of the blood or plasma increases in a fast speed as compared to hemoglobin. It dilutes the blood and is helpful in increasing homocysteine level. There is increase in red cells but not as much increases as volume of plasma increases. Decrease in plasma homocystine lead to different health problems while pregnancy.  So it is important to not donate plasma while pregnancy.


Can a woman donate plasma even after a miscarriage?

pregnant woman needs to know about Plasma DonationYes a woman can donate plasma after 6 weeks of miscarriage. It is important to wait for at least six weeks as your body is weak. After miscarriage body looses iron, nutrition, and blood so, it is recommended to not donate plasma. If you will donate plasma immediately after miscarriage before 6 weeks then you may faint or suffer from different health problems.

After a time period of 6 weeks body will regain its nutrition, plasma level suitable for plasma donation as all woman’s are different and it depends on the body how much time it will take to heel. There are woman’s who can recover within 4 weeks and there are woman’s who recover after 12 weeks so it depends on the stage of miscarriage.


Risk of TROLI in pregnant plasma donors

Transfusion related acute lung injury is usually found in frozen and fresh plasma of a pregnant woman. This particular health problem is dangerous for health. So, this is also one of the main reasons why pregnant women are not allowed for the donation of plasma.


Screening process for plasma donation procedure

Before plasma donation, there are different questions asked while screening about your medical history by a medical doctor so, it is important that if you are pregnant then do not hide while screening. Women are not allowed to donate blood plasma while pregnant or after pregnancy period up to at least 6 weeks.