Can Blood Donation Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

These days, most of the people are ready to do anything in order to lose their weight. That is the main reason why I do not get surprised to hear the modern cholesterol and weight loss fad that donating plasma or blood will lower your cholesterol.

This possibly came out from a famous post news article according to which one pint of human blood basically equals to 417 cal; therefore you can lose about 417 cal within one hour, similar to jumping jacks or doing heavy cardio just by donating a pint of blood.

Honestly speaking, I can’t believe that donating a pint can help in weight loss as you can donate blood only once within every six months and you will get hungry  once again to restock the calories that you lost by donating plasma.


Blood donation and cholesterol

The cholesterol that you lost for plasma donation, you will lose just 16g of calories that is equal to around one ounce. It basically sounds as lots of cholesterol loss but when you will stop to think about this; this will be actually respectable cholesterol your losing, due to bad cholesterol, the HDL can stick to your veins therefore this can’t appear in liquid form.
In other words we can say that cholesterol that you will lose during plasma donation is usually water soluble that is the respectable cholesterol which comes from olive oil, peanut butter, mono, polyunsaturated fats and seafood that is noble for your heart.
Therefore, you might lose a lot of good cholesterol but as this will be good cholesterol which maintains the bad cholesterol in test, actually you will not be doing any favour.

So, donate plasma or blood just for the cash. By doing this, you can earn approximately $60 within a week that will give you about $240 every month also you can help many people through pharmaceutical companies making use of your donated plasma in flu vaccines, but not for cholesterol or fat lose. Because, these effects will be temporary and long term effects will actually be detrimental to your body. And also would not help you get your body in shape.