Can I donate blood plasma with anemia?

There are certain medical conditions during which a person should not go for plasma donation. Having Low iron level is one of them and here is more information about it.


What is normal iron level?

To determine normal iron level in blood you need to check if haemoglobin levels are lower than the normal levels. It indicates that the person is suffering from anemia. The normal HB range is defined to be between 13.5 to 17.5 grams of haemoglobin every decilitre (dL) of blood in case of men and 12 to 15.5 g per decilitre in case of women. The normal range in case of children depends on the age and sex of the child.


Should I donate plasma if I am suffering from anemia?

7-3How to raise your iron levelsIt won’t be a good idea for a person having iron-deficient anemia even when it is temporary. The normal iron levels in blood range lies between the range 60mcg/dl and 170 mcg/dl and you should not have iron levels lower or higher than this.

If you have a low iron level that is you have iron level less than 60 mcg, you will be sent back and you won’t be allowed to donate plasma for one day.

If you have continue to have iron count lower than the normal level you might be suffering from something serious like Hernia or bleeding due to ulcer. You should get it treated before you are banned forever from donating plasma.


How to raise your iron levels


Here are some simple steps with which you can increase your iron levels thus letting you donate plasma.You can take two Iron tablets early morning on the day you will go to donate plasma.

You may do aerobic exercises thus increasing flow of red blood cells which will lead to increase in the iron absorption in your body.

Include iron rich food like black beans and leafy green vegetables in your diet like broccoli, kale, spinach, watercress, etc. Dark purple fruits and vegetables like eggplant, prunes and raisins also fall in this category. You should get yourself checked for any chronic bleeding condition.


Iron-count anemia – symptoms and causes

7-3Should I Donate Plasma if I am suffering from AnemiaThere are some common forms of anemia like sickle cell, iron anemia or B12 deficiency which is amongst the common blood disorder.

Its symptoms are:

  • Stomach cramping
  • Jaundice
  • Fatigue
  • Shaking
  • Pale skin


Why I should not donate plasma?

You should not donate plasma while having low iron levels as iron is needed for creating hemoglobin and binding of oxygen with red blood cells. In the absence of oxygen in red blood cells, you may become tired or even faint while plasma donation.

If you are constantly suffering from chronic anemia, you should go to a doctor and get yourself checked for possibility of internal hemorrhage or any other bleeding disorder.