Can You Donate Plasma While Breastfeeding?

Can a Nursing Mother Donate Plasma?

Question: Am I eligible to donate plasma when I breastfeed my 4-month-old baby? I want to start plasma donation but I have heard that you cannot do this while breastfeeding as plasma has plasma contain protein in it that babies require. So, I want to know that plasma donation will  contaminate my milk with the coagulant or affect my milk ,and would this dry my breast milk or somehow be harmful my newborn baby?Can You Donate Plasma While Breastfeeding

Answer: Most of the plasma centres allow you to donate 2 to 3 times within a week, because your body can reproduce the protein and plasma that will be taken away…. so, you can think about donation as this will not harm you, especially if you feed her a bottle about seven to eight at night anyway.

Subsequently, this will not be harmful to your baby as coagulant will not contaminate the breast milk of yours. Anti-coagulant is a water soluble solution. And in fact, breast milk of human is fat-soluble, which means it is not possible for anti-coagulant to enter the milk.


Donating blood while breastfeeding

Nursing women require taking additional precautions before plasma donation. Plasma helps in building up of different liquids in the human body including by-products of human lactation. If a breastfeeding woman gets dehydrated before plasma donation, it can dry up that woman’s breast milk especially when she has regular donation over long time period. Because, nursing could put a great demand on fluid levels of body, high amount of dehydration from donating plasma can cause effects including vomiting, vein clotting, and nausea. This can be the complication which can make you feel sick.

Can You Donate Plasma While BreastfeedingIf you are a nursing woman, you should drink an additional 16 oz-1 gallon of water prior to donating your plasma especially within the two hours foremost to the donation. It will facilitate you shun complications such as sweating, nausea, racing, and tiredness.

In order to keep fluid levels of your body stable, you should avoid breastfeeding for a few hours before blood plasma donation. Remember, you should also not breastfeed for approximately two hours before donating your plasma and about 4 hours after donation. Also, you can change your schedule for feeding or switch to feeding for just a few hours time.

In general, every woman has a different body. So, you should listen to the signals and symptoms of your individual’s body. In case you don’t feel good about plasma donating, then just stop donating plasma while breastfeeding.