Can I drink before donating plasma

Here are some of the reasons telling you not to drink alcohol before donating plasma:

Beer leads to dehydration: The main cause of dehydration in potential plasma donors is not just alcohol but it is the ethanol. Ethanol present in alcohol is diuretic, which is the reason behind your increased number of visits for peeing. This will lead to slow plasma donations and thus the chances for clotting will be increased.

Hangovers become worse: One of the main reasons behind hangovers is shortage of water in body and excess of toxins in body. Plasma donations lead to shortage of water within your body so therefore you are advised not to drink and then donate. If you will do this, you will have the worst hangover

9-1 drink Before Donating PlasmaLeads to blood vessels restrictions: – As per the well-known belief, drinking leads to increased blood pressure and obstruct flow of blood to the brain, nerves and heart. The blood flow required for plasma donation will be restricted.

Increases your blood pressure, which ultimately leads to slow downing of plasma donation.

You will feel sleepy: You should not drink before plasma donation as it will make you feel sleepy and you may end up sleeping. Thus due to it, you will not be able to squeeze your hands for increasing flow of blood. As you will fall asleep, your blood will be trapped in the machine thus leading you your deferral.

In drunk state, you may accidentally take your needle out: We are no more the coordinated people after drinking beers and lots of things get uncoordinated after this. Plasma needle is held with a thin strip of tape and you may pull the needle out thus leading to blood and plasma loss. If your donation turns out to be nothing more than blood and plasma loss then you will be deferred and thus won’t be able to donate plasma for next 6 months.

Drinking beer after plasma donation?

To be safe and healthy you should not drink beer, whisky, wine or any other alcohol for next 24 hours before or after donating plasma.