Do we suffer from clotting of blood after plasma donation?

There are different questions in a donor mind such as can you get a blood clot in your arm, before visiting a plasma donation for plasma donation. There are different signs of blood clot in arm, it is essential for a user to properly take care of his health and if he is suffering from blood clotting problem then, he should surely visit to the nearby medical hospital for treatment.

It is essential to note that anti-coagulants are helpful in preventing blood clots in body in your legs, arms or thighs while plasma donation. Anti-coagulants are mixed in your blood when blood is returned again in the body after the separation of plasma cells from the blood. As you know in the plasma donation procedure, blood is taken out of the body and from that blood plasma is separated and then blood is again returned in to the body by mixing anti-coagulants which are helpful in preventing blood clots which will affect human body. Anti-coagulants are helpful in preventing stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolisms.


Percentages of occurrence of blood clot while donating plasma

DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis blood clots in legs and arms is 0.009%.

Stroke in which blood clot blocking of different tissues in the brain percentage is .000006%

Pulmonary embolism results in blood clots in lungs and percentage is .00008%

Superficial Thrombophlebitis results in blood clotting in skin with percentage of .001%


Plasma donation with a family history of occurrence of stroke

It is not essential that if your family members suffered from stroke problem then you will also face problem of blood clot in elbow or blood clot in forearm. You just only make sure to not smoke one hour before plasma donation. While donating plasma you should also make sure to squeeze the ball continuously for avoiding blood clotting problem. It is important to follow all instructions as prescribed by the medical doctor for plasma donation of plasma donation. But still if you will feel uncomfortable, you will be feeling numbness or any health problem then you will have to immediately meet medical doctor.


Blood clotting disorder and plasma donation

If you are suffering from different clotting disorders such as Factor V deficiency, Low protein S or C, Antithrombin Deficiency, hypercoaguable, or creutzfeldt-jakob disease then you will not be allowed to donate plasma. Before plasma donation, donation center medical practitioners will ask different questions from you about your health so if you are suffering from any of these above mentioned disorders then it will good for your health to don’t hide your health problem before plasma donation. It is important for a donor to honestly answer different health related questions from you.