Does Donating Plasma Make You Lose Weight?

Different people have a different question regarding donating plasma. Here are a few of them.

Q: Does donating plasma help you with weight loss? And does this filter many calories and fat from your body? I am mainly asking about temporary weight loss, I also want to know that if I drink the juice or eat cookies, will this wash? I have some friends who lost little bit weight after plasma donation. But, I have been donating blood for almost 5 years and still I have never observed any difference in my weight.

A: Are you concerned about losing weight by donating plasma? As a side effect, that would be bad. This would be good for you to ask how many calories you will burn by plasma donation.

When your body lose plasma it also burns additional calories in order to replace this. Human blood comprised of a small number of calories per litre. Substituting the important white blood cells obtains the most energy. Keep in mind that this will take a number of days in order to replenish the lost blood tissues; therefore this has a very slight effect on calorie loss some days after plasma donation.


Does donating blood burn calories?

At the most, you will lose approximately 650 calories above a week by plasma donation, so you can donate just twice within seven days. Mainly, this is impossible to do abundant plasma donation in order to formulate remarkable difference. And as you cannot employ the day of donation there will not be much of optimistic effect. Even if, by plasma donation you can lose only a bit because FDA regulations would not allow you to donate plasma often in order to have a great impact on overall weight loss.


How many pints of blood can you lose

However, plasma centers will replace your plasma with the saline; your blood volume will dip after donation. Plasma donation centers provisionally take only one pint of liquid plasma out of donor’s body. And as you know one pint is equal to a pound so you will experience the weight loss of just pound when you donate plasma.

Donating plasma will temporarily reduce your weight, so this will be good for you to weighing yourself exact after and before plasma donation will disclose that you will be one pound lighter. But, plasma centers prone to restore the same amount of plasma taken with the saline solution. So, you will be losing just a little quantity of blood volume by taking plasma and also any weight loss will be temporary until your body will replenish plasma. In order to keep yourself healthy, this is recommended to drink plenty of juice and water, at least equal to what you will have lost.


Can I Donate When Underweight?

If you will have the weight less than about 110 pounds, this will be advised to you do not donate plasma as underweight people require all the blood that their body can give.  In case you will donate while coming under the recommended weight, you will probably feel the effect similar to anemia or hypoyolemia.