Can I donate blood plasma before or after Surgery?

Question: I have a question in my mind “can I donate plasma after having surgery or not”? I am asking this question because the surgical procedure was very expensive along with an extensive painful recovery time period.  I had an injury on my ankle joints, hands, knees and foot and also had to go through the surgery in order to fix my shattered elbow and reattach a clavicle bone. This took around 3 weeks to 1 month in order to completely get well without pain and get the cast-off. During the surgery, I was also placed under local aesthetic. Now I am alright and want to donate plasma.

Answer: Of course, you can donate plasma after a surgery but based on how extensive formerly, your surgery was made. In case you had the blood transfusion during your surgery, you are prohibited from the plasma donation for about 12 months after the blood transfusion process because of the risk of blood-transmitted diseases and viruses. If your surgery has completed one year then you will surely qualify for plasma donation without any risk. Taking general or local aesthetic functional does not prohibit you from plasma donating. This process depends if you also have had loss of blood or blood transfusion during surgery.


How long will I have to wait for donating blood after surgery?

Basically, the time period of the wait before giving blood after surgery depends on different factors. For this, the plasma centers will include the type of surgery, state for which you had surgery and the recovery time. For most of the surgeries this will be 3 to 6 months but in case you will have received blood transfusion then you will have to wait for 12 months. And, if you did not have the blood transfusion, you may be qualified to donate plasma again.

This does not matter whether you donate plasma before surgery, but due to health reasons, this is recommended that you should wait for at least 4 weeks after and before any surgical procedure to plasma donation.