Donating blood plasma with piercing or tattoos

People usually have different question in mind related to plasma donation such as can you donate blood plasma if you have a tattoo, how long do you have to wait to donate blood and much more. Donation of blood with piercing or tattoo is not allowed for a specific time period.

Donating blood plasma with piercing or TattoosFor blood plasma donation, how long do you have to wait to donate?

Around six months is the minimum time up to which a donor cannot donate blood from the date he or she got a tattoos or piercing. For plasma donation, minimum time period up to which a donor cannot donate plasma is twelve months.

You can also contact to your nearby donation center for asking more details and eligibility criteria for donating plasma.

According to FDA guidelines tattooed donors will only be able to donate plasma before recommended time period only if their inked area will be healed. If they got tattoo from a licensed parlour and with a sterile needle then they are eligible to donate plasma.


Unregulated vs. Regulated tattoo parlour states

Donating blood plasma with piercing or TattoosIn unregulated states, donors with tattoo or piercing can donate plasma after a time period of 12 months but in regulated states which contain licensed and inspected parlours, donor is eligible to donate plasma as soon as tattoo spot will heal. Usually after a time period of thirty days, donor is eligible to donate plasma. If you got a new tattoo last week then you will not be allowed to donate plasma around thirty days you need to wait.


Donation of plasma with piercing

In most of the centers, donors will have to wait for a year for donating plasma but if a sterile needle is used for piecing then, you can donate plasma without waiting for a specific period of time. So, donating blood before piercing is safe. If you want to donate plasma then it is recommended to donate plasma before getting piercing.

For more details of donating blood plasma with piercing , you can also contact your nearby plasma donation center.


Essential requirements for plasma donation

get paid to donate plasmaFor donating plasma in Canada, you need to be at least 17 years old and for US; donor must be above the age of 18. There are also few states who allow plasma donation at 16 but only if a donor will be in good health. Donor should also have weight above 110 lbs for donation of plasma.

Before plasma donation, every time your iron levels and blood pressure will be checked. If a donor will have accurate blood iron level and blood pressure normal only then they will be eligible to donate plasma. Donor who will donate plasma for the first time will be paid more by the plasma donation center.


Plasma donation time period

Plasma can only be donated twice in a week with a gap of 2 days in between of donation of plasma. It is restricted by the authority and according to the rules donor can only donate plasma two times in a week under the prescription of doctor.