Donating plasma in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

By donating plasma you will be able to save life of large number of people who are suffering from different serious health issues. There are donors who donate for money such as collage going students or other people who want to earn money. Community Bio life Plasma centre situated at 101 Lake pointe drive, Oshkosh Wisconsin offer a new donor for donating plasma with amount of 20 dollars as well as 30 dollars on each consequent visit.


Plasma donation in WI qualification

According to WI plasma donation laws, donor will have to clear different tests such as drug screening and HIV test. Donor weight must be above 100 pounds and he or she should be above the age of eighteen. All tests will be performed within an hour and are performed on your first visit to the donation centre.

It has been noted that around thirty-five percent of the people who donate plasma are students.

Different Oshkosh donation centres of plasma

Community blood centre at Oregon St, do not pay donors for plasma donation and they transfer plasma to different patients free of cost without any charges. Plasma donated is also made in to different injections for curing different medical conditions and diseases of patients such as immunity deficiency and hemophillia.

Plasma donation is completely different from blood donation. In plasma donation, plasma cells and platelets are separated from the blood and blood is again returned in to the body. But in blood donation, whole blood is donated to different patients, no separation of plasma take place.

It is important to note that plasma can only be donated two times in a week but blood can only be donated once in eight weeks. If you will not donate according to the prescription of doctor and taking good diet then you will have to suffer from different health problems such as bruising, dehydration or any other.


Training in Oshkosh WI for plasma Phlebotomist

There is a special training of three months is provided to the plasma centre employees in biolife oshkosh. They practice for plasma donation with other staff members for getting perfect in this work.

If in case, a serious health issue occur such as dehydration or any other issue of health of a patient while donating plasma then also they will get paid by the authority. But it is recommended by a medical doctor to properly follow instructions have good diet and drink lots and lots of water for remaining hydrated.