Everything you need to know before First Time Plasma Donation

I have sold plasma for extra money at various times. Plasma has water as the main constituent and it is beneficial for various medical situations such as in surgery or during the healing process. Now here are some queries related to selling plasma for extra money. Plasma is mainly made of water and is used in various situations like surgery or to help the healing of the wounds.

Here are some of the questions and answers related to plasma donations:


How much you can earn?

plasma donation cashIt depends; you need to know before donation itself whether it is worthwhile for you to spend your crucial time for plasma donations. The process of plasma donations varies and it may take more hours for the first time visitors.

The amount paid to you may be more in the first and then gradually decrease after couple of visits but it is still not bad for somebody who is doing nothing.


How much time does it take?

The time consumed during each of the donation varies. The duration of first visit will be longer compared to the duration of the visits after that. The average time of the visits after that will be from 2 to 3 hours. The duration also depends on the areas where you go for donating. Some places will take more time than the other.


How screening of donors is done in plasma centres?

18-1prepare for your donationAfter going through a physical test on your first visit, you will have to clear a physical test which is pretty basic related to your overall health. The reflexes are checked in general by shining a light in your eyes, listening to your heart etc.

After your first visit and for all the following visits, your blood will be checked by pricking your finger and squeezing it. Your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and weight will be checked.

When you will visit them, you will be asked random questions related to your general health and illness or the time you spent in other countries, have you ever been to jail and whether you are feeling well that day. On your first visit, you will also be asked whether you have any tattoos and piercings etc. People with tattoos and piercings are usually not allowed to donate.


How is the plasma donation procedure done?

The actual plasma procedure is easy for people who have no fear for needles. And then when the tape is removed from the hand cause a lot of pain sometimes a lot more than the actual prick. Your name will be called and then you will be taken to a comfortable chair with armrest on one side. They will ask you that in which arm you would like to have the needle inserted.

Once you will be seated on the chair they will ask you what the last four digits of your security number are, then they will rub iodine on your arm and stick the needle inside it. You will be asked to pump your fists so that you will be able to pump out more blood thus accelerating the whole process. While the blood is being taken, you can enjoy reading books, watching DVD or anything else to make up for the time.

You can donate plasma twice a month if you are healthy and fit. If you are turned away for some health reasons then you should go and take proper rest and come back on getting better.

Learn more at: http://www.plasmadonations.org/the-facts-of-plasma-donation-procedure/


Is there any side effect of plasma donation?

5-1 Am I eligible for plasma donationPlasma donation process can make you feel nauseous or dizzy if you try to attempt plasma donation on empty stomach. Some of you might suffer from constant feeling of fatigue from which you can get rid by drinking more fluids and eating a good meal after donation.