Everything you want to know about plasma donation

What is plasma?

Plasma is a clear and straw colored part of the blood which is left over after the removal of white and red blood cells and platelets. Plasma available in blood is helpful in keeping body away from infection. By donating plasma, you will be able to save life of large number of people who need plasma for medical treatment.


Eligibility criteria for donating plasma

If you want to know how to start a plasma donation center then, it is essential to know all major factors as well as eligibility criteria. You also need to register your particular donation organization and also you need to get a valid license from the authority to start this work.

1-2 Eligibility criteria for donating plasmaFor donating plasma, it is essential to fulfill the eligibility criteria. First of all, when you will enter in to a donation center, you need to give your valid proof which will be helpful in verifying your identity. As, it is essential to be 18 years above for donating plasma so, with help of valid proof submitted by the donor plasma organization verify your identity.

Secondly, few questions related to your health will be asked by a doctor and your health will be checked by a doctor and when your medical reports will be confirmed ok only then, you will be able to donate plasma.

Trained staff of plasma organizations ensures that the plasma donation process is completed safely. They also ensure that the donors should be healthy as well as comfortable while donating plasma. Donation process will last almost for two hours or more than two hours for the first time donor and for regular donor it may last for around 45 minutes.


Difference between donating plasma and donating blood

Both of these processes are completely different. Donated blood is used for blood transfusions at hospital and while donating plasma process plasma is separated from the blood and blood is again transferred in to the human body.

Plasma is replenished in the body quickly as compared to the red blood cells. It has been noted that in US, donors can donate plasma twice in a week but with at least two days in between the donation process.


Factors to keep in mind before donating plasma

Before you make a decision to donate plasma, you need to keep in mind following essential factors in your mind such as:

  • It is important to have good meal before donating plasma as it will not let you feel tiered or dehydrated. You must eat good food so that after donation of plasma your body will not feel tiered.
  • If you will remain dehydrated then you will become sick so, it is important to drink lots and lots of water and juice for remaining hydrated.
  • If in case you are having blood pressure, temperature, pulse or protein level which is not in to the accepted range then it is advised by the doctor to not donate plasma at that time.

1-4 steps- plasma-donation process

There is also a specific age limit and weight limit for donating plasma. Donor must have weight above 110 lbs and should be in between 18 to 59. Donor will be eligible if he or she clears the eligibility criteria. Anyone can donate plasma and can earn money. Plasma donation organizations offer there donors to donate plasma and earn money. There are large numbers of people who donate plasma and earn money.

You can also donate blood for money Los Angeles; there are different plasma organizations available in Los Angeles who pays a specific amount to the donor for donating plasma. As biolife plasma Fort Wayne also offer different exclusive offers to the users who donate plasma, plasma donation Fort Wayne reward their users with different cash prices. You can also check out different plasma donation centers in Los Angeles if you are residing in los angles.


Usage of blood plasma

There are different health problems in which plasma is used for the treatment such as hemophilia, von Willebrand, Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, demyelinating polyneuropathy, trauma, shock, burns, cancer treatment, transplantation, premature infants and many more. After the competition of donation process, plasma is kept under the temperature of -30°F for around 60 days. Plasma is also used for manufacturing medicines.

1-5Usage of blood plasma

There are different medicines in which plasma is used as a main element. Plasma is now turned in to a medicine. This particular process of transformation of plasma in to medicines is regulated and controlled by European health authorities and FDA.


Health problems occurred after donating plasma

As donating plasma is a safe process only if you will follow all the instructions before donating plasma. Common side effects seen after donating plasma are infection or bruising around the position where needle is inserted. If you will donate plasma without taking proper diet and getting hydrated then you need to suffer from different health problems.

If you are suffering from following health problems then you are not eligible to donate plasma. Different serious health problems are Aids, COLOSTOMY, Babesiosis, Dementia, colitis, gout, diagnosed sickle cell trait, Leprosy, chicken pox, diarrhea, Malaria, pregnancy, genital herpes, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, diabetic medications, growth hormones, thyroid medication etc.

In double red blood donation, there are two units of red blood cells donated while one donation. As while donating plasma, Red blood cells are also removed so double red blood cell donation side-effects are seen after donating plasma. Double red blood donation side effects are minor if proper precautions before donating plasma are taken by a donor.


Here is a video that explains the whole process of plasma donation:


Can a plasma donation cause bruise?

If, the needle is stuck in the arm in wrong place then at that particular place bruise may happened. If in case, you are suffering from bruise problem then there are few tips which will help you get relief from bruise pain.

Icing that particular area will definitely help you to get relief from the pain. Make sure to always cover ice in to clean and dry cloth before applying it to that area. Apply ice on the area but not more than 15 minutes otherwise that area will swell.

You can also make use of heating pad and place it on that bruised area 3-5 times a day for 20 minutes. You can also use parsley; it will also help to reduce pain, inflammation as well duration of bruise. Make the paste of parsley by crushing it and apply it on the affected area.


For donating plasma how to enlarge small veins

1-7 increase vein size

It is easier to donate plasma with large size vein. Size of the vein depends on your hydration level, your caffeine intake, how much water you have drunk, what you have eaten, you have worked out in morning or not.

By heating up your arm, hold off on smoking and drinking, hold off on the caffeine’s, drink lots of water, eating high protein food, taking chestnut supplements, doing exercise three days a week, lose weight, pump your stress ball, ask for a shallow needle insertion will help you to enlarge your small veins for plasma insertion.