How many times a week can you donate plasma?

People who don’t like to work and are struggling to devise new ways how not to work every day might find the idea of plasma donation very interesting. But you need to be aware of the thin line between safe donation and overdoing it. Sure, it’s a great way to make money but it surely can’t be your solution to work-free future.

What will happen when you will donate excess plasma

It will be great to donate plasma and earn money in the beginning but it will turn bitter when you will start considering it as the only way to earn money as this is your own body we are talking about. Overdoing plasma donation will lead to draining out plasma from your body at an alarming level. You need to keep a check on it. The CSL plasma centre has their own measures to keep a check on the number of time donation is done. CSL plasma has a special polish which is painted on the nail of the index finger of the which glowed with the backlight on each and every visit to make sure that the donors wont donate more than twice a week.

Each and every centre marks a specific nail. CSL plasma centre paints the index finger, Biolife paints the ring finger and Talecris paints the middle finger. With this paint your finger will start glowing. People who know about this try to devise new ways to get around the twice a week restriction on plasma donation. Some of them are:

  1. Acetone nail polish remover may work to remove the glow due to the paint.
  2. People have even purchased the backlight in order to ensure the nail polish is gone.
  3. People have even used duplicate SSN at the plasma centres.
  4. Wearing long sleeves and alternating the arms used for the donation has also worked for some.

All these steps may lead them to collecting lots of money from constant plasma donations. But there are serious outcomes of plasma donations.


Risks of plasma donation on health

If you will not donate plasma according to the prescription of a medical doctor then you will have to face serious issues in future. Your veins may got blocked or become smaller in size, you complexion will become yellowish, blood clot; you will feel tired and cold. Along these issues there are other serious issues which you will have to face if you will not donate plasma according to the prescription of doctor.

Plasma is very important part of a human body. It is helpful developing skin tissues, heals cells, help in transportation of red blood cell in body and also keep body away from blood clotting problem. Earning money from plasma donation should be always according to the doctor prescription otherwise the amount which you will earn from plasma donation will cost more than your hospital bills.


How plasma donation affects us

Plasma is an important constituent to be used for manufacturing of products crucial for treatment of patients suffering from various life threatening ailments like hemophilia, shock, immune deficiencies or trauma. You can find your nearest donation centre and donate plasma but by following the guidelines.