How Much Do You Get for Donating Plasma?

Plasma is the straw colored part of our blood that is responsible for carrying cells and other essential substances to different parts of our body. 90% of Plasma is Water and 55% of our Blood is Plasma. The current global demand for plasma stands at an astounding 20 million liters.

As per PPTA – Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association – collected blood is used for treating patients with burn injuries, hemophilia, immune deficiency disorders, lung & liver diseases and many more diseases.

These patients depend on the kind and generous plasma donations that we, as responsible citizens, put in. Because we have these plasmas is surplus while these patients have run in a deficit.

There are 530 authorized plasma collection centers across the United States and Europe out of which 380 of them are in the United Sates alone.


How Much Do You Get Paid for Donating Plasma?

There is no standard compensation amount on plasma donations as such; you will notice small differences on the amount you can earn for the plasma you donate. And then there are many plasma donation centers that run a lot of promotions so that you can earn more for your donations.

We can; however, tell you that your compensation can range from $20 to $50 for every donation you make. The amount you get depends on the volume of plasma you can donate. The FDA has set a range guideline in the following order: 110 – 149 pounds, 150 – 174 pounds and 175 – 400 pounds. The more the poundage, the more you can donate, and the more compensation you get paid.

How much do you get for donating plasma at CSL?

CSL Plasma is part of the CSL Behring group and is one of the largest human plasma collectors in the world; it has its headquarters in Boca Raton, FL.

CSL Plasma runs a donor loyalty program, aptly named “iGive Rewards.” This program lets you earn points for every donations you complete and then you can redeem those points for Cash or some Deal of the Day goodies as and when they are available.

You may have guessed by now; as you keep donating more plasma, you keep earning more points and your rewards keep getting bigger and better. What’s more, your status goes up with your donation. You can earn (or donate) your way up to the Platinum level. Here are the different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

You stand a chance to earn up to $400 per month for your plasma donations. Click here to [L]earn more.


How much do you get for donating plasma at Biolife?

BioLife Plasma Services is a part of the Shire Group and is a formidable name in the plasma world. They run state-of-the-art facilities across the United States and Austria. Their mission is to meet customer expectations by offering plasma of the highest quality.

As a donor, you will be adequately rewarded and your money will be credited into the BioLife Visa Prepaid card after every successful donation. Like any normal Visa debit card, this card can be used wherever Visa is accepted and in over 900,000 ATMs worldwide.

But it’s hard to say how much exactly will you be paid because it depends on a lot of factors. So we suggest that you get in touch with your nearest BioLife Plasma Center for a more detailed information.

If you have questions related to the BioLife Visa Debit Card, click here; and if you simply want to check your balance, click here.


How much do you get for donating plasma at BPL?

BPL Plasma, which stands for Bio Product Laboratory, manufactures plasma products. They are based out of UK and has been a veteran in the industry for over 25 years now. They have 34 plasma collection centers in the US all of which are regulated by the FDA.

BPL Plasma will compensate you fairly for the donations you make. You can find compensation related and all other information through the BPL ebook; and to get a copy of your ebook, please fill out a form here.

What we do know; however, is that you can earn up to $250 in as less as 5 visits as a new donor. And that’s not all, you can even earn a hefty bonus for your contributions. Follow the given link for more:

donating plasma for money

How much do you get for donating plasma at Octapharma?

Octapharma Plasma is a division of the Octapharma Group and they now stand as one of the leading manufacturers of plasma products. Donors are their strength and customers their asset; with this in mind, they strive to provide an environment where donors and customers are both happy and satisfied.

You can donate plasma in any Octapharma Plasma donation centers across 26 states in the US and you are adequately compensated at the same time. A new donor can earn as much as $250 from the first 5 donations itself.

A select few centers will pay you up to $300 and a bonus of $15 for your 5th, 6th and 8th donations. And for January 2017, a couple of new centers are even offering an additional $35 as bonus for your donation# 5 and 8.

Sounds interesting? Reach out to your Local Octapharma Plasma Center now.


How much do you get for donating plasma at Grifols?

Antonio Grifols is the man behind Grifols; he started the company back in 1940 in Barcelona, Spain. The company has pioneered many techniques in plasma collection. They also claim to have “The world’s largest network of plasma donation centers” which puts them in the league of top plasma collecting companies in the world.

You can donate plasma at your nearest collection center and you will be well rewarded for your contribution. We cannot give you a definitive figure on the amount of your compensation since payments vary between locations. It’s better if you call up your nearest collection center.

As a donor, you will be given a pre-paid debit card and payments will be credited to this debit card after every successful donation. Click here for more.


How much do you get for donating plasma at Biotest?

Biotest Plasma is a subsidiary of its Germany-based parent company, Biotest AG. Starting out in 2007, Biotest now has 22 plasma centers in 12 different states across the United States with one state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Florida.

You can make your plasma donations at your local Biotest Plasma Center and you will be fairly rewarded for your generosity. Again, it’s best advised to reach out to your local Biotest Plasma Center and find out more on the compensation part.

Just to make it more interesting; they also have a referral program where you can bring in your family and friends for a plasma donation and earn bonuses. So the more your convincing skills, the richer you get.


How much do you get for donating plasma at KED?

KED Plasma – a division of Kedrion Biopharma – specializes in procuring plasma of the highest quality which is then used to produce various plasma derived therapies.

You can donate plasma in any of the KED Plasma collection centers spread across 9 different states in the US.

As a donor, you will be given a Citibank Debit Card where your compensation-money will be credited after every successful plasma donation. However, the compensation amount varies from one center to another. Therefore, it is advised that you visit or call your nearest KED Plasma Center for a more detailed information.


Payment Methods

Gone are the times when you were written a check or given cash as compensations. Today, you are paid through prepaid debit cards.


This is what we mean…

Once all the necessary testings are done and you are given the fit to donate go-ahead; you will be issued a prepaid debit card. After this, every time you donate, a nurse will take your plasma donation bag and scan the identification details on it. This will automatically trigger a credit into your account.

Some plasma centers have even started having ATMs inside their centers so that people can immediately check the availability of funds after donations.


Did you know?

You can earn points and redeem prizes like coupons, cashbacks and MP3 downloads on the Money Card issued by CSL Plasma; courtesy My Visa Z rewards.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Donating Plasma

How often can you donate?

This varies from one place to another. If you are to go by the American Red Cross, you can donate only once every 28 days where as private centers will let you donate up to 2 times in a week (sometimes within a gap of 2 days). This is what they mean when they say “make $300 a month” for your plasma donation.


The First Donation

It’s generally 2 hours long. Once you’re there at the center; the receptionist will validate your I.D.; they will examine you physically (you know; the height, weight, pulse, blood pressure kind of stuffs); a technician will then take your blood sample to check your protein and hematocrit levels; and finally you’ll be asked to complete a Donor History Questionnaire.

All said and done; the technician will prep you for the procedure (assuming that you are qualified).


If you weigh anywhere between 110 & 154 pounds, you’ll be paid around $30; if you are between 155 & 174 pounds, you get $50; and if you are 175 pounds or more, you will get $50 for the first visit. The second visit comes with a payment slab of $40, $60 and $60 and the third visit has the payment slab of $40, $60 and $60 for the respective weight range.

Certain locations also offer a higher payment for your fourth donation. It’s fair to say that compensations depend on company policies and the existing demand for plasma.


Regular Donations

Once you are through with your initial three or four donations ­– and depending on the prevalent compensation schedules – you might be encouraged to turn up for donations twice a week. February 2017 onwards; the compensation you get for your first visit of the week is as follows: $15, $25 or $25 based on your weight. And then you can return after 48 hours and earn another $20/$45/$50 for the 2nd donation of the week; plasma centers are close on Sundays.

There’s are limit of 2 donations within a seven-day period. So, if one of your donation was on a Wednesday and the other one on the following Friday; you won’t be allowed to donate again the next Wednesday.


Incentive Programs

To complement their regular compensation, plasma center also run various incentive programs in order to encourage repeated plasma donations. Now the incentives could be a bonus payment or gifts such as movie tickets for your second visit in a week (or your sixth or the eighth donation in a month). Again, these incentives vary from one company to another and may even change on a month-to-month basis.

What’s more, you can even earn bonuses for referring friends to the plasma center for donations. You are normally given a prepaid debit card where payment (or bonuses) are credited after every successful plasma donation.


State–Wise Compensation for Your Plasma Donations

Different states have different rates. For instance, Illinois has the minimum pay at $5 per donation hour, and as the procedure takes up to an hour, a donor will earn $5 by the hour. Now; plasma donation centers can afford this because they make thousands of dollars on each bottle of human plasma. Let’s take a look at 3 states and their average pay:

  1. Illinois plasma donation – Centers will usually pay you around $25 for your first and $35 for the ones that follow.
  1. California plasma donation – At $35 (for the first) and $45 (for the second): This is a champion state when it comes to paying donors.
  1. Texas plasma donation – Now this is another champion (in the reverse order, i.e.). The lowest payer at $10 (for the first) and $20-$30 subsequently.