How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

Question: I’m a regular donor and I donate 2x every week. How often can I actually donate Plasma? I checked some websites and saw that there are different specifications on how often people can donate. Is there a limit to how much I can donate in a week?


Answer: According to the American Red Cross, a person can donate 13 times every year. This means that a person can donate every 28 days although it would be best if a person would wait about 4 weeks before donating again.

Yet, there are also some studies that say that donating plasma can be done twice every 7 days. There is a need for a rest day in between donations though so you cannot donate for example, on a Monday then the day after that. There are some things that you can expect whenever you donate plasma such as the following:


  • The vital signs of the donor will be checked and some questions about medical history will be asked.
  • A thorough medical examination is needed before the donor can be accepted.
  • The person’s medical history will be reviewed and will be subject to approval.


Once the person gets approved for plasma donations, he will be allowed to donate twice a week. Going through the process is important because a person should have a body that is healthy enough to to replace the plasma removed during donations.

The rules regarding plasma donation can change from one organization to another. It will also be different from one country to another. There are some who would require donations to be every two weeks although most would prefer that people give donations a little more than every two weeks to ensure that the level and quality of plasma will be perfect for donations.


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