How old do you have to be to donate blood plasma?

Plasma donors should be of 18 years and with a weight of 110 pounds. For donating blood, you need to clear the medical examinations, medical history screening and testing to ensure that there are no viruses before using their donated plasma in creation of the plasma protein therapies.

In some states 16 or 17 years old are allowed to donate but with parental consent. Signed consent form is required every time the student plans to donate.


Will you be allowed to donate plasma if you are below 18?

A: Usually, donors under 18 are not allowed to donate plasma. According to the rules of the FDA for plasma donations:

  • You should be of 18 years age.
  • Make sure you don’t have flu, respiratory infection or cold when donating plasma.
  • You can’t donate plasma if you have specific STDs like Hepatitis or HIV.
  • You should have good overall health if you want to donate plasma.
  • You can’t donate if you have weight below 110 pounds.

There are some exceptions in the rule of the age in which you can donate blood and that you can find listed below:

plasma donation14 and under

If you are 14 years old or less then you can’t donate plasma. Even when you may appear to be older than that you won’t be allowed to donate as you will be asked to submit your original documents i.e. ID card and your SSN.

Age 14

You will be allowed to donate plasma in one state if you are of age 14 or older than that and that is TX. In Texas state legislature, 2009, it is stated clearly that a 14 year old boy can donate his plasma if he comes for donation with an written permission and accompanying guardian from them for plasma donation. The donor should also have a weight 110 pounds or more.

Age 15

Here are the states TX, HI, MI, CO, and UT in which you are allowed to donate plasma if you bring permission from your parents.

Age 16

At this age the number of states allowing you to donate plasma are increased and in addition to the states mentioned above, IL, WY, VI, MT, OH, NC, VT, SC, and RI are also added. In these states Minors 16 and older can donate plasma if they have written permission from their parents.

Age 17

plasma donation ageMost of the states except MD, NY, and FL let you donate plasma at the age of 17 without written permission if there is just a gap of three months of turning eighteen years old. If there is more than three months before you turn to 18 then you are still required to come for donation with written permission from your parents.

It is strongly advised for you to check once before calling at the plasma centre before going there as each and every plasma centre has their own rules regarding allowing 17 years old to donate or not.

Age 18

Finally, you have reached the 18. Now you are not a minor anymore and can take your own decisions therefore you are free to donate plasma also. There is one state Georgia in which you can donate plasma until and unless you reach the age 21. There is no clear reason behind it; maybe it is against their moral values for someone at an age lower than 21 to donate plasma.

so, if you turned eighteen and plan donating plasma then maybe you should think of shifting to Albama or Florida for it which has more sensible policies plasma donation.