How to prepare for your First Plasma Donation

If you ensure that the donor and medical staff have done preparation in advance then the process of plasma donation will be with less risks and more benefits. Even before you start donating, the donor and medical staff plasma donation is a procedure with less risk and lots of benefits.

In order to prepare yourself for the plasma donation, you should take proper rest, ensure that you are properly hydrated and have a healthy and balanced meal at least two hours before the donation.

There are certain factors which are also supposed to be considered like having good health in general without any genetic disease and recent piercings or tattoos. Before you donate for the first time, you would be asked to answer some queries related to your past and present medical history.

Here are few steps which you need to perform in order to prepare for your donation:

  • You need to pass the physical test in which urine sample is required: A urine sample is taken to test the levels of protein and health in your body and not checking the drugs level. Each and every donation that will be done by you must clear a small screening where they will check your blood pressure, weight and temperature.
  • Keep your ID proof ready with you: Apart from the physical tests that you have to pass, you also need to have proofs that you live in the local area of the clinic. You need to show a photo ID, SS card and a recent envelope that is marked by the US post office recently for both the clinics. You should have all these requirements ready.
  • Before Donating make sure that you have eaten properly: Eat and drink properly before and after the donation. Avoid caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee. Water is the best thing along with proper healthy food.

You should have proper meal two hours prior to the donation. You need to keep in mind that the speed of your donation will depend on your water intake, the more you had, and faster will be your donation.As your body won’t be used to the low plasma, you need to ensure that you eat well the previous night before the plasma as your body will need to cope from it the previous night and some of the people will be affected by this lot more than others.


How process of Plasma Donation takes place?

18-2 process of Plasma DonationWhen you will visit plasma donation centre, you need to complete the pre-examination process. Next you will be asked to lie on the donor table and asked to relax yourself. Now a pressure cuff will be placed on your arm and it will be inflated.

After this, needle will inserted in your arm and the blood will pass through the sterile tubing and will be stored in the centrifuge where the plasma will be separated from the blood. After the completion of the separation process of plasma, the blood will be returned back to the donor’s body.


Health Risks Of Donating Plasma

18-1prepare for your donationPlasma donation is a safe process without any serious health risks if all the steps are followed properly by the donor and donation centre. You will have a mark on the skin where the needle was inserted but you don’t need to worry about it as it will go when you will apply Aloevera or Vitamin E to it on a regular basis.

There are various other risks related to plasma donation which is observed often in women who donate plasma lot of times leading to their low HB levels which is one of the blood element. There are also some cases in which the level of antibodies has been reported low. In these cases, a doctor or any other medical professional should be consulted.

All in all, overall risks to health due to plasma donation will be very less if the precautions are followed properly. People have been donating blood a lot of times every year without any serious health risk report.


Why to donate plasma

By donating plasma you will be able to save life of large number of people. By donating plasma you provide help to people with medical needs and donors also get compensation for their time and efforts. If in case you need money then donating plasma is a best way to earn money. But it is important before donating plasma to take a good diet. If you will not consume good diet then it will affect your body. It is also important to be hydrated by drinking lots and lots of water to avoid dehydration problem after donation of plasma.