My experience of Driving Home After giving blood

I usually follow a particular routine after donating blood. I get my machine scanned and money deposited. After this, I check atm which is provided by plasma center in order to make sure that the money is really in my account or not.

On the way to my car, I also rip my gauze bandage off, as leaving this on whilst trying to turn your elbow is very uncomfortable. But once, while I left the plasma center, I just did not feel well. I felt dehydrated, dizzy, nauseous and light headed. Along with this, I also felt such as I sought for the pass out. And I came to know that this feeling was from not eating my meal of Yoplait yogurt before plasma donation and microwave 50 cent burrito.

During driving the car, I still did not feel well. I found that my arms felt like falling asleep and steering wheel also felt difficult. I thought that may be the power steering broke, as my inner power steering was out of order.

When I got up, I saw my airbag open, the horn was blowing and the front end of my car was swathed about the light pole. The ambulance and fire people were asking if I felt fine if I could follow their fingers and count up to 10.

I got involved into a car accident after plasma donation. Since then I was afraid very much and figured that this could have been worse and I did the little bit research on this.

This turns out that those people who already have the problem of low blood pressure, donating plasma can lower the blood pressure even to the dangerous levels for driving. In case you will be suffering from diabetes, there will be more risk of going into a normal plasma donation process as this can increase diabetic coma by 50%

There may also be the risk of falling asleep, becoming paralyzed or passing out plasma donation. After a week, I again get the uncomfortable feeling of whiplash subsided and slight neck stiffness. Slight post accident, bumps and bangs bruising aside, I got the time to sit back and remind the accident in order to decide that whether I should donate plasma again or not.

So, we can say that you can drive your car after donating blood but this is recommended that wait for a bit. It is just as you will possibly feel dizzy and this would not be a right for you as this may lead towards a dangerous accident. This will be good for you, take rest for a few minutes before driving your car so that you can be guaranteed of arriving your home safely.