O negative blood type and plasma donation

Blood is made of same elements and not all blood is same. There are 8 types of blood group which are found out by the presence or absence of some of the antigens. Antigens are the substances that start immune response if they are new to the body. O negative blood donors are blessed with the opportunity to be able to save the life of patient during emergency. Their blood can be transfused to almost any patient who is in need. Only 6.6% of the world’s population has this unique blood group. Blood cells of O negative blood group are safe for infants who have under-developed immune systems.


Can people with blood type O negative donate plasma?

Most of the o negative blood type people will have this question in mind whether they can donate plasma or not. As they are sent away from the blood donation centre, will they face the same problem in plasma donation centre? The answer is that there is no matter of blood type on the plasma donation, because plasma requires Rh markers which make red blood cells. Plasma has a small amount of protein and 90% water, and has nothing to do with the blood group.


Can people with any blood type donate plasma?

3-2 blood type for donationPeople with O negative blood types are universal donors and they can donate blood to anybody but are rare recipient. This may be true for donations involving red blood cells, but this is not the case with plasma and platelet donations as they are much different.

People who have A Blood Group can donate blood only for Blood group A or AB. People with Blood Group B can donate blood to people with Blood group A or AB. People with blood group AB can donate blood to people who have blood group AB. In case of plasma donation, people with blood group AB are supposed to be the universal plasma donor as their plasma may be given safely to people having any blood type.

Usually it is preferred to give A type blood to people with A blood group and similarly B blood to people with blood group B and so on. In some cases, you can get blood from another type of blood group or you can donate blood to people having any other blood group.

There are even rare cases when a person has a unique or rare blood type that will make him fall in the unique class of ‘special plasma seller’. All the plasma and blood cells donations are life saving and valuable, there are lot of plasma centres that take blood from these rare donors.


Rh immune response from plasma donation

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One can donate and get plasma donations from people with any type of blood group without any negative effect on their health or the immunity. There is also no need to be worried about the possibilities of a positive Rh contamination the way mothers with Negative Rh have fear while giving birth. As the equipment, needles, collection bottles and filters, all are used only once and unique for you, you don’t need to be worrying about the immune response and blood contamination. Machines are only part of the equipment that are used again and therefore chances of cross contamination is rare and less than one in ten thousand donors.


Reasons you should sell your plasma

3-4 Reasons you should sell your plasmaPlasma is one of the key ingredient in medications used to treat patients having low immunity. The patients are mainly the burn victims, flu vaccines for small children and people who are suffering from chronic infections like pneumonia or lung infections. So it is quite clear that due to your plasma donation, people suffering from these life threatening health problems were able to live a little longer. You also get to earn money for your efforts and time thus making the situation favourable for you.


Checking my blood type at plasma donation center

No, it is not possible for you to get to know about your blood type while donating plasma as there is no blood type of plasma and it is universal in donors and patients the donor blood type is not tested. If you want to know which blood type you have you will need to donate your blood instead of plasma. But you need to keep this in mind that you will not be eligible to donate plasma at least for six months as the blood donated needs to be replenished.

You will be informed by our staff about the best way to donate for you based on the blood type, present health status, eligibility and requirement of patient. Our staff will tell you what your optimum donation is based on your blood type, eligibility and patient needs.