Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

Our blood is made up of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets and some other cellular components. Plasma is one of those components; it is straw-colored and it constitutes 55 percent of our blood. We need plasma because it fights diseases, helps in blood clotting and has many other important functions.

Now plasma donation is extremely important for us because plasma cannot be created in a laboratory; it can only generate inside our body. Therefore, the only way to help those in need of plasma-derived medicines and therapies is to donate plasma.

So let us take a look at some of the plasma donation centers where you can donate plasma and save precious lives.



CSL Plasma

csl plasma donation centers

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL; CSL Plasma is a division of CSL Behring – which is a leading plasma protein therapeutic company. CSL is passionate about satisfying customers’ need with ethical practices and innovations and it has set very high standards of working with donors.

CSL Plasma is amongst the largest human plasma collectors.


How Much Does CSL Pay for Plasma Donation

You will be rewarded up to $400 each month for your donations. Plus, you earn points on the donations you make and redeem it for extra cash which can be instantly loaded to your prepaid Visa debit card. Talk to your nearby CSL Plasma center to know more.


CSL Plasma Locations

CSL Plasma has collection center in 31 states in the US. Click here to search centers by state or simply enter a zip code.



Biolife Plasma

biolife plasma donation center

BioLife Plasma Services is a part of the Shire Group which is a leading international biotechnology firm. They pride themselves in operating state-of-the-art plasma collection facilities across Austria and the United States. And they focus on providing superior service because donor and patient safety is at the top of their priorities.

Their mission to provide best quality plasma to meet customer expectations and, at the same time, make sure that life-saving therapies are available to patients round the clock. And to fulfill this mission; every employee is completely engaged in the affairs of the team, the donors are highly recognized for their contributions and they have the most innovative and efficient processes in place.


How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma Donation

For your contributions, Biolife will present you with the BioLife Visa Prepaid debit card which will be loaded with funds every time you make a plasma donation. And you can use this card like any normal debit card wherever Visa is accepted (including ATMs).

How much will you be paid? Depends on various factors; please reach out to your Local Biolife Plasma Center for accurate information.


Biolife Plasma Locations

You can find the Biolife Plasma Centers in 25 different states across the US. Click the following link to find out the one nearest to you:




bpl plasma donation centers

Bio Product Laboratory (BPL) Plasma is a UK based manufacturer of plasma products and they have been a leader in the plasma industry for more than 25 years now.

BPL Plasma has 34 plasma collection centers across the United States and all of them are regulated by the FDA and it is committed to bringing you plasma of the highest quality which can be used in manufacturing drugs and many life-saving therapies.

BPL also provides plasma to innovative biotechnology companies so that they can come up with newer, and better, products. One small example of their ingenious collaboration is the new treatment they have been able to come with where they treat newborns with Staph infections.


How Much Does BPL Pay for Plasma Donation

Your effort and time will not be for nothing; you will be rewarded for the donation(s) you make and you can find all the detail on their ebook – fill out a form to get your ebook today. What we can tell you for now is that you can earn $250 in 5 visits as a new donor. What’s more, there are bonuses awaiting you for donations you make this January. Follow this link for more: .


BPL Plasma Locations

At the moment, BPL has its plasma centers in 14 states. You can find details to all these centers here.



Octapharma Plasma

 Octapharma Plasma

Octpharma Plasma is a part of the Octapharma Group and is now amongst the leading manufacturers of plasma products in the world.

Donors are most important for Octapharma; thus, they strive to provide a good experience for their donors. Their focus is on customer service, safety, cleanliness and ease of doing business.

With all these efforts in place; they want to ensure that donors feel happy visiting and re-visiting their donation centers, which in turn will lead to a steady supply of good quality plasma needed to produce life-saving therapies and medicines.


How Much Does Octapharma Pay for Plasma Donation

When you go for a donation, you will be given an Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card and money will be credited to this card every time you donate plasma there. Now the amount you earn may vary depending on the time it takes for you to donate, or the location you are in, or the time of the year it is, or if there are any promotions being carried on.

However, we can tell you that as a new donor, you can earn up to $300 at a select few centers. Also, you can $15 as bonuses for your 5th, 6th and 8th donations respectively. What’s more, for the month of January 2017, a few new centers are offering an extra $35 for the 5th and the 8th donation. So what are you waiting for? Call up your Local Octapharma Plasma Center and find out more.

And as a new donor, you can earn up to $250 for your 1st five donations.


Octapharma  Plasma Locations

You can find an Octapharma Plasma donation centers in 26 states across the United State. Please click here for details.



KED Plasma

ked plasma doanation

Kedrion Biopharma, which is a global company producing and distributing medicines derived from plasma, set up KED Plasma USA back in 2004. KED Plasma specializes in the procurement of top-quality plasma which is then turned into many plasma derived therapies.

They have a state-of-the-art Plasma Collection center and the plasma, thus collected, is processed over at Kedrion Biopharma. They live by their motto, “We Keep Life Flowing.”


How Much Does KED Pay for Plasma Donation

You will be given a Citibank Debit Card for your plasma donations; however, there’s a slight variations with the compensations from one collection center to the other. Please reach out to your local KED Plasma center for a precise information on this.


KED Plasma Locations

KED Plasma USA is located in states like New York, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina. Click here for more information.



Grifols (Biomat USA / Talecris ) Plasma

 grifols plasma

Grifols was founded by Dr. Jose Antonio Grifols – of Barcelona, Spain – back in 1940. With over 13,000 employees and a presence in 25 countries, it’s a global healthcare company in its truest sense. It has been a pioneer in many sophisticated techniques that are used to collect, test and manufacture medicines out of plasma. They claim to have created, “The world’s largest network of plasma donation centers” making them a world leader in the collection of plasma and one of the leaders in medicines derived from plasma.

Quality, integrity and safety is at the core of the company’s existence and they take great pride in it; thus, they only hire those who are best at what they do.

Grifols runs its plasma centers under a wholly owned subsidiary name – Biomat USA.
In June of 2011, Grifols acquired Talecris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corp. which develops and markets therapies that are based on protein. They cater to patients from the US, Canada and other parts of the world in the field of neurology, immunology, hemostasis and pulmonology.

Grifols also has a contract with another plasma collection company; Kedrion, where it purifies Kedrion’s plasma and Kedrion sells it under their own private label within the US. Grifols also sells Kedrion their Talecris FVIII US business (which is known by its trade name Koate). You can find more information on this, here.


How Much Does Grifols (Biomat USA/ Talecris ) Pay for Plasma Donation

Your time and donation is highly appreciated at Grifols; therefore, you will be paid for every donation you make through a pre-paid debit card. However, the payment type and rates vary from one location to another; so we recommend you get in touch with your nearest plasma collection center.


Grifols (Biomat USA/ Talecris ) Locations

As mentioned earlier, Grifols runs the largest network of plasma collection centers in the world. Of this, 150 centers are in the US which runs under the labels: Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc., PlasmaCare Inc. and Biomat USA Inc. They have their centers in 34 states. Click here to find the nearest plasma collection center to you.



Biotest Plasma Center

biotest plasma

Biotest Pharmaceuticals is a biotherapeutic product research and manufacturing company. It is heavily involved in the development of plasma-derived protein products in the field of hyperimmune (IG) and Primary Immune Deficiency (PID). It is a subsidiary of a Germany based plasma protein therapy providing company called Biotest AG.

It started out in 2007 and now owns 22 Biotest Plasma Centers in 12 different states across the US. It has also setup a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Boca Raton, Florida.

It’s interesting to know that each Biotest Plasma Center is associated with the local Chamber of Commerce and their employees are active in various community events all through the year.

Biotest Plasma strives by their mission – “Quality, Commitment and Trust.”


How Much Does Biotest Pay for Plasma Donation

As a donor, your time and contribution is not wasted; you will be fairly compensated for the plasma you donate. To find out how much you will be paid, please get in touch with your local Biotest Plasma Center.

What’s more, you can even refer your family and friends (to date plasma) and earn bonuses. The more you refer, the more you earn. Again; for more information on this, please reach out to your local Biotest Plasma Center.


Biotest Plasma Locations

Biotest Plasma has collection centers in 12 states. Please click here to find the one nearest to you.


What you have read this far should help you understand the importance of plasma donation. You can also choose a donation center that suits you best.

plasma doantion centers near me

To sum it up for you, you could click on the link: to find all the donation centers in and around your area. Once there; you can simply key in your city, state or zip code and click “Search.” You can also select the radius of your search; from 10 miles to 125 miles. What’s more, you get to select the category of the plasma collection center; the options being General, IPQQ Certified and not IPQQ Certified.