Plasma donation in Galveston Texas

Being rooted at 3802 Broadway in Galveston city, Biolife Plasma Donation Services started getting into plasma business 6 years ago. And CSL Plasma Services is one of the largest human plasma collectors in the world.


Galveston, TX plasma Phlebotomists

There are well- trained staffs available that treat their customers properly. Donors who will donate plasma for the first time will have to pass through screening procedure and physical exam. The procedure of donating plasma is known as plasmapheresis and this procedure will take almost two hours.

Different automatic machines are used by csl plasma broadway centre which collects blood from the donor’s body and separate plasma from that blood. This automatic process also ensures safe procedure of plasma donation. Plasma donor can donate plasma two times in a week. It is important to donate plasma as prescribed otherwise it may lead to different health problems.


What is the plasma use?

Plasma collected from plasma donation centres is properly tested and after verifying the quality of plasma. Plasma is used in manufacturing of different medicines and vaccines for the treatment of different serious health problems such as lung problems, immunity problems, haemophilia, heart related problems and much more. There are large numbers of people who use to donate plasma which is helpful in fulfilling the needs of plasma for manufacturing of different medicines for the treatment of different health related problems.