The facts of plasma donation procedure

Before you visit to a nearby donation center for donating plasma you must know about what is the process of donating plasma. Plasma is a clear and liquid portion of the blood which remain after the removal of white and red blood cells. It is helpful in protecting human body from any kind of infection.

13-1Process of donating plasma in a plasma donation centerBy donating plasma you will be able to save life of large number of people. There are different steps which you need to follow when you will enter in to the plasma donation center for donating plasma for the first time.


Process of donating plasma in a plasma donation center

Process of donating plasma steps are given below

  • First of all, when you will enter in to a plasma donation center, you will need to visit reception desk first. At the reception desk, you will be asked to provide your valid id proofs such as driving liscence, INS number or social security number. They will also verify that you must be above the age of eighteen for donating plasma.
  • Then you will be asked few questions about your medical history by making use of printed form or on the computer. It is important for the donar to provide right information which will be beneficial for him in future.
  • After filling details of your medical history, your veins will be checked by a medical doctor they will ensure that your veins are larger in size or not for donating plasma.

  • Now your medical checkup will be conducted by a doctor in which all your medical health will be checked and when your reports will come positive only then you will be allowed to donate plasma.
  • Once your physical examination of health will complete then, a medical practitioner will take your blood sample and then check protein level in your body. For donating plasma it is also important that your weight must be above 110 pounds, your blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature is also checked to ensure that you are eligible to donate plasma or not.
  • After verifying all details and checking medical reports you will be allowed to donate plasma. Before you donate plasma you also need to ake sure the eqipments usedfor donating plasma should be neat and clean and the needle which is inserted in your arm must be disposable.
  • Needle will be inserted in the larger size vein in your arm through which plasma is collected in a plasmapheresis device which is helpful in seperating plasma from other components of the blood such as platelets, whilte blood cells and red blood cells.
  • Once the plasma is seperated from the blood then again blood is returned to the body. After the donation of plasma you will be also provided with a particular amount for donation between 20 dollars and thirty dollars.

9-1 drink Before Donating PlasmaAbove mentioned process of giving plasma is essential to know before you make a decision to donate plasma.

Trained staf carefully monitor all donation process and supervise the procedure carefully. They also ensure that the donorr should feel comfortable and relaxed while donating plasma.

It is important to note that the plasma donation process for the first time donor will last for around two hours and for the regular donar this particular procedure last for around 45 minutes.


Donating plasma and donating blood

13-2Donating plasma and donating blood

Both these type of donations are completely different from each other. In blood donation blood is taken out from the body and donated to a patient and in plasma donation process plasma is separated from the blood and the blood is again returned back in to the body.

Plasma is used by medical practitioners for different medical purpose. There are few medicines which are also formed by making use of plasma in it as a main ingredient. Plasma is reformed quickly by a healthy body very rapidly. In US, donors can donate plasma two times in a week but there must be two days gap between donations. Blood donor can also donate blood once in fifty-six days.


Uses of plasma

Plasma is used in different therapies as well as used in treatment of different major health problems such as von willebrand disorder, haemophilia, immunodeficiency diseases, lungs and heart related diseases, trauma, shocks and burns. By donating plasma you will be able to save life of large number of people so if you are eligible and physically fit then you surely need to visit nearby plasma donation centre for donating plasma.