The truth about how Blood Plasma is collected from Donors

Plasma constitutes of 90% water along with life supporting elements like proteins, minerals and nutrients. Plasma performs functions like transporting blood cells and platelets, delivering nutrients and disposing off the waste.

Collection of plasma is crucial as it is important to create therapies that take care of blood volume and blood pressure of patients. The proteins present in the plasma will improve our immunity and blood clotting capabilities.

What happens during Plasma Collection Process

Here are the two ways in which the plasma can be collected:

19-3 Plasmapheresis1.) The first process is known as plasmapheresis which is an automatic process. In this process the blood taken from the body is collected into a machine that centrifuges and separates the plasma from the other blood components like blood cells, etc which are given back to your body. Thus the separated plasma is then used for the manufacturing of other therapies.

2.) Recovered plasma is the other process in which the method of collection is all different and involves the whole blood donation. It also involves various storage stages like, labelling, pooling and dating.

What is the role of Plasma Machine

18-3 donating plasma for saving livesIt is very common that Plasmapheresis, the process of plasma donation is automatic. When you are set in the plasma donation machine then your blood will be collected in a chamber located in the centre which will be spinning at such a speed that the plasma will be separated from the blood.

The nurse will insert needle into your vein and then blood will be taken and the blood will travel through the machine tubes. In these machine tubes the plasma will be separated from the red blood cells and stored in a bag. The blood cells and components will be sent back to your body.

Once the blood will be separated from the plasma, the plasma is collected inside the storage space. When sufficient plasma is stored then it is transported from the machine to a donation bottle kept outside.
While the plasma donation process is performed, proteins and other factors are separated. These are used to create medications that are crucial for life and then the red blood cells are returned to the donor.

After extracting plasma from the blood, the blood is now given back to the donor which is not a painful process in most of the cases. It depends on your weight how much plasma will be taken from you. On an average it ranges from 3 to 5 cycles by the machine to extract the required amount of plasma.

What is done with the donated plasma?

The collected plasma is used while manufacturing of medicines or is transfused directly into seriously injured patients so that their blood volume will be increased. It is also used to cure some serious illness.