Things you should know before donating plasma

Just to earn some extra money, students are resorting to plasma donations; plasma donation centres are paying students up to $20 for each of the deposit. Students can easily make up to $250 per month from plasma donations.


What Is Plasma?

A human being has 12 pints of blood on an average from which 57% is clear and rich in protein. Plasma has high level of clotting factors which will help you to treat haemophilia and various other diseases. Due to its beneficial effects the demand for plasma and thus plasma donations is growing.


How plasma is extracted?

For the extraction of plasma, plasmapheresis is used to separate plasma from the rest of the blood components that is, a combination of white and red blood cells, as well as platelets that will be returned to the body. The plasma in our body gets replenished after 36 hours.

Plasma is also used as a main constituent to treat patients in emergency rooms and hospitals for treatment of burns, shock and injuries including traumas. Plasma helps to circulate the white and red blood cells thus contributing to the chemical communication between various body parts.


Are there chances of Infection?

All the equipments used are hundred percent sterile. Material which will come in contact with blood will be replaced for every donation for the prevention of diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV.

There are donors who are donating plasma from around 20 years and still not facing any health issue. But there is a possibility that a donor may suffer from dehydration and low-protein level if proper diet is not taken before donation.

Donor protein level and iron level is properly checked before donation. If a donor protein and iron level is not as required for donation then that donor is not eligible and not allowed to donate plasma.It is important for a donor to drink plenty of water and have good diet and good sleep before donation to feel comfortable while donating plasma.


As a First-Time Donor, What can you Expect?

14-2donate plasma for gas moneyThe first time donors can expect that they have to spend approximately two hours in the centre. This will allow for the physical inspection that will be repeated yearly and also the donation process. Your successive visits may take up to half an hour or an hour.

If you are going to donate your plasma, this will be a grand idea. No need to worry as there are very fewer health risks that are involved with donating your plasma and you will also help to the recipient of the plasma. In case you are a college student then this will be especially useful to you as you will also be compensated for giving your plasma. Plasma donation is very simple and short process.


What will happen to your body when donating plasma?

The plasma donation process mainly involves health screening in order to make sure that you have good health. After this technician will take blood from your arm, the plasma will be removed from the blood using a machine and the blood that without plasma will again inject into your arm.

14-3What Happens During Plasma Donation

The plasma which will be taken from your blood will be examined twice for any type of diseases such as the virus or any other infection in the blood prior to this will be passed to someone that requires this. The whole plasma donation process will be safe and useful to those that won’t be making this through their illness without your blood plasma.

This process will take less than 20 minutes and also quite pain-free. In case you feel the pain of the shots which you will get at an appointment with a doctor for a regular check-up. This is recommended that make sure that you are well fed and well slept prior to going for blood plasma donation.

In case you will be not well slept or well fed then you may be more prone to get dizzy due to the blood which will be drawn. It will concern the health risk which involved in taking your blood for plasma donation.

With plasma donation, you will be very helpful to those people who need plasma and also get compensated for these each time when you donate your plasma. You can find many clinics that compensate $ 15 to $ 20 for blood plasma donation. And please not that you can go to donate plasma up to 12 times per year.