How to lower your heart rate for donating plasma?

For donating plasma, high blood pressure rate results in 90% of donation of plasma suspension. If rate of your blood pressure is more than 85/15 then they will not allow you for plasma donation on that day unless and until you will not recover and your blood-pressure come on normal temperature. There are different techniques which will surely teach you How to slow down your heart rate.Tips to lower your heart rate for donating plasma

By making use of following tips you will be able to lower your heart rate for plasma donation:

  1. One of the main reasons of increase in blood pressure is stress. If you will be in stress then, your blood pressure rate will increase and your will also beat fast. Before visiting plasma donation center for plasma donation, you need to forget about all tensions of money, job, marriage, stress and just concentrate on plasma donation.
  2. Before you go back to the testing center, breathe deeply and watch TV which will help you to divert your mind and you will feel relaxed and your heart beat rate will also get normal. Usually donors who use to visit in plasma donation for the first time gets nervous these tips will surely help them to feel relaxed.Tips to lower your heart rate for donating plasma
  3. As breathing deeply is one of the best techniques for getting relaxed before plasma donation. It will really help if you are getting nervous before plasma donation.
  4. When passing through all tests needed for plasma donation feel relaxed and comfortable don’t panic. Think happy and relaxing thoughts along with breathing techniques for avoiding increase heart blood pressure.
  5. You also need to relax your arm while testing. You just need to be comfortable. It has been noted that while insertion of needle in arm for removal of blood from body for test donor who is donating blood for the first time place his arm stiff, by doing this they are putting more pressure adjacent to blood measuring cuff.


Heart rate test

If a donor will not be able to pass heart rate test then he needs to wait for fifteen minutes for one more heart rate test. If you fail for the first time then you just need to feel relaxed, comfortable and deep breath for clearing second test of heart rate. If two times you will not be able to clear blood heart rate test and you have lower heart rate then, at particular day you will not be allowed to donate plasma.