Why Do You Pass Out After Plasma Donation

Donating plasma offers many benefits to those who have different types of serious diseases and injuries. Plasma donation process will involve the taking away the blood from the human body so there are several reasons which make you might pass out during plasma donating. You may have low blood pressure that they are apt to test for the plasma donation center; some people also lie and state they have accurate blood pressure.

You may have diabetes or celiac diseases that could give you low blood pressure at arbitrary times and create you pass out during plasma donation.

Smoke can also cause low pressure of blood because of this reason they do not allow you for plasma donation for one hour after smoking. But, we have no idea whether this is right or not or only a lie.


Low Blood Pressure – Other Causes

There are certainly other cause for low blood pressure: not eating enough, anorexia, etc. Taking medication for low blood ressure with hypertension can also cause low blood pressure.

There are many other things that can cause low blood pressure such as downers, hard drugs, and barbiturates such as alcohol, morphine, and heroine. Therefore, this is recommended to you do not take hard drugs before donating plasma.

In all,  low blood pressure is the the main reason for passing out in donating plasma. And most of those who has low blood pressure will be informed when having the body testing before plasma donation.

Basically if you don’t have any unknown diseases or lie during the test at plasma donation center, then you shall not pass out during the plasma giving. If you keep passing out, then you shall really see a doctor to identify some hidden medical condition, as it is not that easy for anybody to pass out in donating plasma.